Mrs. Rawson’s GT Newsletter #1

Everyone is off to a GREAT start this year! We are establishing routines, taking risks and trying our best.  I know we will learn a lot (including me!)


I am asking each child to bring in a few supplies to share.

First grade – a pack of pencils or glue

Second grade – markers or colored pencils

Third grade – tissues or pencils

Folders and Spirals

Each child will have a folder or spiral notebook for my class (I will provide these.).  The folder or spiral will be brought to class each week.  I would like for second and third grade students to write a short reflection about what they learned, thought or liked about the previous week. 


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know.  I want this to be a wonderful year for your child.  Please send me an email, call me or come in for a conference.  Please check my blog, I plan on updating it frequently to keep us all up to date. - email

713-295-5230 – phone  -  blog

Thank you,

Michele Rawson

GT Coordinator

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    Michele Rawson - I have been a teaching for 14 year.  I love learning and teaching.  I am having a GrEaT time with your children.


    September 2012